Feggy Min, born 1989, is a self-taught artist, illustrator and a creative head based in Switzerland with Turkish roots. 🙂
As cliché as it may sound, my earliest Childhood memories are all about watching cartoons at 6am and creating hundreds of artworks every day of my favorite cartoon characters and my own fictional world and creatures. I never laid down my pencils ever since.
Growing up with an older brother who was interested in B-Boying and having a group of friends with whom he tried to make music together, I naturally got introduced to the Hip Hop culture in a very young age. I can remember watching "Battle Of The Year 1996" on V/H/S back and forth till the player couldn't read the film cassette anymore (I still can't dance at all!) and the release of the legendary Song / Music Video "Freestyler" by Bomfunk MC's.
Even though Hip Hop was the basis of most of my inspirations and Lifestyle, I was always curious to discover new and foreign music of all genres. My interestes ranged from watching documentaries about scary dolls to listening to "Gangsta Rap", from writing melancholic poems to colorful Japanese / Korean fashion and culture. My curiosity about everything and my odd variety of interests opened totally new doors for me and made me analyze all kind of emotions and helped me to find my own authentic Art-Style throughout the years. Almost all of my Artworks are a direct link to my person in one way or another. When I start with an Artwork I never draw a sketch beforehand but just start and let my raw fantasy & emotions take control; just like an exciting journey to an unknown world. The feeling to see something come to life on a previously empty paper is what I love the most about creating and the inspirations / ideas start to fly in to my mind.

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