I started to create Shirts ca. Summer 2012. It all started with just a small idea as a gift for a friend. Back then I didn't know where or how to print them, so I directly painted the design on the shirt. When the gift was done I showed the picture to some of my friends and everyone wanted to have their own. So I created a few more and wore one at work, when I was still working at a fashion store. My former store manager seen it and was so impressed that she had the idea that we should organize an event in the store where I can paint custom shirts for the costumers.
Not long after that I released my first handpainted Shirt Collection with around 20 shirts. For almost a year I made handpainted shirts, working for hours only for one shirt. In 2013 I've created a shirt to the legend Tiger JK and he was the first celebrity who ever wore my shirt and the first one who supported me and my craft. Still one of my proudest moments.
Tiger JK
Early 2013 I finally found a place to print my Shirts. In summer same year a strong instinct made me pack a few shirts and take my best friend and go to Seoul (South Korea) with the desire to promote my Shirts & Art there. We managed to organize a small but successful Party in Club Lucidream Itaewon. On that trip I met many amazing artists from the Korean Hip Hop Scene and gave them some of my Shirts. In winter 2013 I released my first real Collection called "Feggy Min 9889" with a slightly darker concept than my vibrant colorful shirts. The rest happened like a butterfly effect. The hype was bigger than I could ever imagine and soon more and more artists started to wear my creations publicly and Feggy Min Shirts and Art have been featured on countless TV Shows, Music Videos, Magazines and even in Movies, and two more "Feggy Min Hip Hop Shows" took place in Seoul (2014 and 2015) with the hottest local Hip Hop Artists performing.
In mid. 2018 I have collaborated with Steve Aoki for his official Dimmak Collection and created 100 Hoodies and 50 Shirts, all handmade and numbered. The collaboration was a huge success and the items were all sold out just in a few days after their release.
feggy min x steve aoki
feggy min x steve aoki
feggy min x steve aoki
My shirts are all made by myself and are not mass produced. I design, print, ship them personally all across the world. Unfortunately many fake Feggy Min items popped up on the market but none of them are original or officially approved by me. The ONLY place to buy original Feggy Min items and to find all official information is solely this Website.
Celebrities x Feggy Min
From Zion.T to Gavlyn to Asap Twelvyy and more
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