Hello to You


Hello to You

Yes yes I know… it took me forever to finally start a blog. But hey, better now than never, right?
I think it’s a great platform to share some cool details and photos about my works and how I create them. Not just that, I also want to share anything that goes on behind the scenes and things that inspire me. Or simply to post about random things… my loyal supporters / followers know too well that I LOVE random things with a passion.

It’s currently 4.15 am here and I had my 3rd coffee already while working on this new website. I was thrown between keeping it clean and simple but then was like… screw that, I am Feggy Min and Feggy Min is colorful and loud, and that’s exactly how my website is also going to be. Chaotic and yet lovely. Mhmmm… Honestly creating a new website gives me some fresh air and a new outlook on things. It feels good. I really needed it. Need it.

Anyway, I guess this first post will stay very simple and boring like this. I am sorry. I will try harder next time. And to be honest with you, it’s actually just a test to see how this works. What a shame.

So yeah, Hello to YOU. I am happy you are here and I hope we will have great time together.



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    Haha! Hello from all of us here at MUTZINE!

    Glad you’re blogging, Feggy, even if just to say hello! I know we’re super excited to see what you’re up to next! Keep us posted!

    Here’s to good times!
    Deserae @ MUTZINE

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